A Comprehensive Funnel Scripts Review – Russell Brunson Nitroflare

A Comprehensive Funnel Scripts Review – Russell Brunson Nitroflare


Welcome to my Funnel Scripts – Russell Brunson Nitroflare review.


If you check out the web site of Funnel Scripts you see the complying with heading: “To Get All Of Your Sales Letters, scripts and Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!”


But what does this mean and is it worth the money? In this article, I’ll have a better look at “Funnel Scripts” from Russell Brunson as well as tell you whether it is worth the money or not.


What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a software program that aids you writing high-converting webinar-scripts, Facebook ads, opt-in web pages as well as a lot more. Writing a high converting sales page can cost a lot of time and effort. And additionally a great deal of money if you do not recognize how to structure a sales web page.


Direct Response Copywriting Is Easy Now


Generating sales copy is as straightforward as completing a form with Funnel Scripts!

Some Scripts take just minutes to finish, as well as larger scripts like sales letters can take about a hr or two.


There are practical examples throughout each form to help assist you through the process.


Each script additionally consists of a helpful tutorial that shows you exactly how to obtain one of the most out of the script.


Greater Than Just Sales Letters


Funnel Scripts offers a big selection of scripts beyond sales letters. Below are some scripts offered:


  • Ad Scripts
  • Sales Letter Scripts
  • Call To Action Scripts
  • Email And Subject Line Scripts
  • Headline Scripts
  • Video Scripts
  • Product Description Scripts
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts



There are more scripts being included every month!


Benefits and drawbacks of Funnel Scripts





  • ENORMOUS Time Saver – Obtain your initial draft finished within 10 minutes on most scripts.
  • Big Selection Of Scripts – scripts include sales scripts, opt-in scripts, video sales letter scripts, advertisements scripts consisting of Facebook advertisements, and the Perfect Webinar script which has actually made Russell Brunson countless dollars
  • Script Wizards – There are now 4 downloadable Script wizards to selected from: The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, as well as Star, Story, Solution Wizard!
  • Easy To Complete Forms – Every script has easy form fields that likewise include examples to aid you to fill it in rapidly
  • Educating Videos – There is a brief training video clip above every Script as well as monthly training phone calls
  • Regular Monthly Online Training – Co-founder Jim Edwards gives online training every month on the best means to make use of Funnel Scripts
  • Editable Scripts – Export any script to a text file and also make all the edits you desire.
  • Growing scripts library – New scripts are being released every couple of months. The most recent scripts include an Amazon.com/ e-Commerce product script, Origin Story Script, Testimonial Script, Call To Action Script, as well as the incredible Facebook Advertisements Script which creates 3 versions of your ad based on cold, warm and hot traffic!.
  • Astounding price – As of this writing, Funnel Scripts is $497 annually! That’s like 1.5% of the price to hire a good copywriter!
  • Inception Secrets Bonus – Go deeper by recognizing why these scripts function by getting free access to Russell’s Inception Secrets program!






  • Scripts need finessing – Once the program generates a script, some components of the text may not read correctly, as well as it does call for some tweaking to get the script to a point where you can use it.



Exactly how It Works


Generating your script is very simple.


  • Select the sort of script you want.
  • Complete the associated fields.
  • Send the form.
  • Out pops the script!



Once you have the script, you will have the ability to read through it and make tweaks to the form fields to get it to read more clearly.


There is additionally an option to download all of the script aspects right into a basic text file that you can modify.


Let’s say you intend to develop an opt-in page for a webinar. You currently understand what you want to state inside your webinar and also all the advantages your audience will obtain from visiting your webinar but you don’t have any kind of suggestion just how to structure your landing web page.


Currently you can open Funnel Scripts and also choose webinar scripts. Now you’re going to see something like this:

Russell Brunson Nitroflare


As you can see, now you only need to fill out all your info (Title, your name, advantages of the webinar) and click on submit.


Now Funnel Scripts is producing a copy of your opt-in web page you can now utilize. It is that straightforward!


Who is it for?


Funnel Scripts was designed for:


  • Entrepreneurs who want to write high converting sales copies
  • Online Marketing professionals that want to save a lot of time writing sales copies



Funnel Scripts Membership Breakdown

There are 8 primary sections of scripts that are quickly accessible from every page. Funnel Scripts presently has 38 Scripts and 5 downloadable wizards!

Downloadable Wizards

Among the coolest functions of Funnel Scripts is the downloadable wizards that you can install and also use on your computer system. These wizards require a larger time investment but generate several various files that can be utilized as sales letters or PowerPoint presentations. These wizards are offered for both Windows and Mac.

Russell Brunson Nitroflare

Perfect Webinar Wizard

This wizard follows the Perfect Webinar formula that made Russell Brunson a multi-millionaire. It has been updated to consist of the improvements Russell outlined inside of his most recent book Expert Secrets. Presently, there are 78 questions that you answer to produce your Perfect Webinar Script!


VSL Wizard

The Video Sales Letter wizard is another alternative to use for your sales pages. This wizard takes you through 21 questions and creates the files you need to create your video sales letter. Just to be clear, this wizard does not develop the video sales letter for you but produces the slides you can use to record your video.


Easy Survey Script

This survey wizard produces 6 core questions that can be utilized with the survey aspect within ClickFunnels or made use of with any kind of survey software program. There are 13 questions to undergo in this wizard to create the survey.


Star Story Solution Script

This is the original long form sales letter script found on pages 182-193 of the DotCom Secrets book. There are 58 questions in this wizard that will certainly assist you develop an impressive sales message!


Master Class Wizard

The Master Class Wizard is based on the Master Class chapter of Expert Secrets starting on page 78. You will have the ability to develop a training program that will certainly position you as the Expert in your particular niche. You can determine how long your Master Course will certainly be, whether its 6 hours or 6 weeks. This wizard has 38 questions that will generate copy for a free and paid variation of your Master Class!


Expert Secrets

The scripts below are all based on Russell Brunson’s newest # 1 bestseller Expert Secrets. These are the most up to date group of scripts to be added to Funnel Scripts.


Who, What Statement Script

This script is based upon the Who, What Statement on page 69 of Expert Secrets. Utilize this script to create a statement that specifies the sub-niche you wish to serve and also what you will instruct them.


Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script

The Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script is found on pages 69-70 of Expert Secrets and also aids you to produce the heading to make your brand-new opportunity appealing to your desired customers.


ASK Campaign Script

Prior to the popularity of The Ask Method, there was the Ask Campaign. You can read about the Ask Campaign on pages 74-78. Use this script to get questions from your market to use in your Master Class.


The Big Domino

In Expert Secrets on pages 85-90, Russell instructs the idea of The Big Domino. What is the one thing that if you can persuade your prospect of, all various other arguments come to be unnecessary and also they need to purchase from you? This script aids you to create your Big Domino question that you will require to respond to.


5 Curiosity Hooks Script

This script offers you 5 various types of Curiosity Hooks that you can make use of in your sales copy to offer your new opportunity a sexy promise that will be appealing to your dream customer.The 5 Curiosity Hooks can be discovered on pages 70-73 of Expert Secrets.


Epiphany Bridge Script

This Script offers you a psychological connection to your target market by telling your backstory and also your epiphany for the service or product you are trying to market. Information on just how this script works can be found on pages 91-102 of Expert Secrets.


SHORT Epiphany Bridge Script


This script is a condensed variation of the Epiphany Bridge Script. You still record the emotional connection to your target market by telling your backstory and your epiphany but it cuts out some details so you can deliver it faster.


Sales Copy & Video Clip

The following scripts are all pertaining to creating salescopy for your site or video.


Amazon / Ecom Scripts V2.0

If you have actually read the uninteresting textbook summaries of the majority of item web pages, you understand that they do not convert well. Use this script to come up with amazing titles, descriptions, as well as bullets for physical items as well as various other items you wish to sell on Amazon.com, various other ecommerce sites or in your funnels.


Call to Action Script V2.0

If you intend to create calls to action that get your site visitors to take action, then use this script. It produces a powerful yes and also adverse no response that you can utilize on your website or funnel.


Lead Capture Script V2.0

If you are developing an opt-in or “squeeze” web page to capture leads with a totally free or low-cost offer, then this script will certainly be your best friend. Develop powerful opt-in copy that produces higher conversions on your funnels.


Live Event Invitation Script V2.0

This script produces all the promo pieces you require to get lots of signups completely free or PAID Live Events, including webinars, Hack-a-thons, celebrations, concerts, dances, mastermind conferences, FB Live events and also even more. The script functions anywhere you intend to welcome a group of individuals to turn up at a certain time as well as place for a specific event!


Magic Bullet Script V2.0

This is among the scripts from the Dot Com Secrets book. This powerful script helps you to develop sales copy or video script for a “try it before you buy it” type offer. This script aids you to concentrate on The One Thing you’re guaranteeing they’ll obtain within a specific amount of time, or they do not pay.


Order Bump Script V2.0

Order Bumps are a proven approach talked about by Russell Brunson in Dot Com Secrets that add extra earnings to almost every funnel. Create reliable Order Bump copy to use in your funnels with this script.


Origin Story Script V2.0

The Origin Story Script is different from the Epiphany Bridge Script because this focuses on the story behind your product. Use this Script to tell your engaging product origin story!


OTO Need Help Done For You Script V2.0

OTO means One Time Offer. This script’s primary focus is to upsell your client on a service such as coaching or aid making use of the product they just bought. It was initially found in the DotCom Secrets book.


OTO Next Thing Script V2.0

This One-Time Offer Script focuses on upselling a client on the next product that matches their previous purchase. This script is from the Dot Com Secrets book.


PPT Opt-in Video Clip Scripts V2.0

This script assists you create an opt-in page video using PowerPoint. Utilize it to improve your opt-in conversions by making an effective video to compel your site visitor to opt-in for your offer!


Promote Your Webinar Scripts V2.0

Produce The Sales Copy, Email Teasers, as well as Ad Copy you need to advertise your next Webinar with this script!


Special Offer Scripts V2.0

This script assists you to produce a special offer page for your internet site.


Webinar Opt-in Script V2.0

Use this script to create the opt-in sales copy as well as video clip script to attract site visitors to register for your Free Events}, including webinars as well as teleseminars! This is a great script for evergreen webinars!


Who, What, Why, How Script V2.0

If you have a totally free + shipping offer, this script provides you the ideal sales web page copy to cover every one of the information a person requires to make the decision to join.


Case Studies/ Testimonials

The Case Studies Testimonial Scripts below will aid you to establish powerful reviews and also case studies for social proof on your website.


Case Study Script V2.0

Case studies can be very beneficial as free gifts to build an e-mail list or convince a prospect to purchase from your site. This script adheres to a four-phase process for the study that have verified to be effective for conversions.


Million Dollar Testimonial Script V2.0

Obtain the perfect endorsements from your consumers using this script. Reviews, when done properly, can seriously enhance conversions on your website!



The Bullet section includes two scripts now. Nevertheless, these scripts are excellent at connecting effective copy!


Brunson Bullet Scripts V2.0

Russell created the term “Brunson Box” which is a series of bullet points that tease concerning the content of a video to raise interest and also video clip views. Now you can use this powerful technique for your very own videos by using this script!


FBM Bullet Script V2.0

This script adheres to the Feature (what it is), Benefit (what it does), Meaning (what it means to them) formula to create effective bullet points that can increase conversions on opt-in web pages as well as sales web pages!



The Advertising section presently has four Scripts readily available. When you require powerful copy to get the most return on your marketing dollars, these are the scripts you need!


Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts V2.0

If you have actually ever before searched a website and also saw an advertisement like “This One Technique To Address X Problem” as well as you desire a curiosity based ad for your product, after that this script is for you!


Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts V2.0

Facebook’s advertising and marketing system has become one of one of the most powerful means to market your company online, as well as this script produces lots of different ad headlines, ad copy and calls to action for cold, warm and hot website traffic coming to your internet site.


PPC Advertisement Scripts V2.0

If you’re brand-new to Pay-Per-Click ads or even if you’re a veteran PPC copywriter, this script is sure to make writing your advertisements a great deal simpler!


Stealth Close Script V2.0

Stealth Close Scripts are designed to produce “Under-The-Radar” calls to action that force people to do what you desire. Test this script out to see it at work!


Content Creation

The Content Creation section only has a couple of scripts at this point. If you’re having a hard time generating web content for a free report or for emails, these scripts will give you a helping hand!


Free Report Script V2.0

With this script you can quickly create the opt-in copy, cover letter and ad copy required to promote your totally free report!


Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts V2.0

The principle of the Seinfeld Emails began with Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets book. This script will help you generate e-mails regarding seemingly random stuff that you can tie back to your item to increase conversions!



The Email section groups together all of the scripts associated with excellent e-mail copy. Copywriting for e-mail is almost a whole other arena, but with these scripts, you’ll appear like a seasoned pro!


Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts V2.0

Email follow-up can be a challenging task yet with this script, you’ll develop a 7-Day email follow-up sequence as well as have templates to produce an essentially unrestricted number of follow-up messages to load into your autoresponder series.


Fast Teaser as well as Tweet Scripts V2.0

This script makes use of the techniques in the book “Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want (Strategyzer)”. Produce effective e-mail teasers and tweets utilizing this technique!


Onboarding Email Sequence

Use this Script to produce the email series that will certainly bring your brand-new clients and also clients on board to get (and keep) them in the right frame of mind.


Webinar Follow Up Scripts V2.0

This script develops every one of the follow-up emails required to engage your webinar clients. It likewise produces post, Tweets, and Facebook updates!


Titles, Headlines, Subject Lines

The next section groups together Titles, Headlines and Subject Lines. Headlines are crucial to obtaining people to engage with your sales message. These scripts will certainly generate effective copy that gets hold of the interest of your website site visitors as well as email subscribers!


Email Subject Line Scripts V2.0

This script produces over 180+ subject lines for you in a snap! These subject lines follow proven scripts that work quite possibly in countless niches marketing all sort of items, solutions, software program, etc.


Killer Headline Scripts V2.1

Use this script to create lots and also dozens of excellent, attention-grabbing, money-sucking headings that practically hypnotize people and also stop them in their tracks!


Million Dollar Content HeadlineScripts V2.0

With this script you can develop 50+ headings based on a few of the most effective direct response copy in the world! Utilize these headings for articles, article, video clips, YouTube, Facebook or anywhere you require to grab attention and also pull individuals right into your material.


Million Dollar Sales Headlines Scripts V2.0

This script generates over 135 headlines that can be made use of in your sales copy. These headings are based upon tried and tested direct response copywriting and also have actually created millions in sales across numerous markets.


Short Headline Scripts V2.0

This script creates extra-short headlines you can modify as well as use for news feeds, Facebook Ads, and also anywhere when space is brief yet you need a big impact.


Profitable Title Scripts V2.0

Utilize this Script to create laser-focused, lucrative titles for your items, solutions, webinars, teleseminars, posts, write-ups, and also more! You can also create a listing of matching available domain names to acquire!


Sales Letter

These scripts generate powerful sales letters that cut out weeks of time as well as energy.


Long Form Sales Letter Script V2.0

Utilize this script to create the first draft of your sales letter and save tons of money and time!


Short Sales Letter Script V2.0

Sometimes short and to the point is the very best means to deliver your message. This script gives you simply that!


PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts V2.0

Below is an additional script alternative if you want to create a PowerPoint video sales letter.


Funnel Scripts Training

Along with all of the incredible scripts is the regular monthly Funnel Scripts training and also tutorials! There is likewise previous training, extended demos, Funnel Fridays and the Funnel Scripts Tips Show!




Ultimately, here is a few perks for Funnel Scripts members.

Bonus offer 1 is Russell’s Inception Secrets training which goes into depth on the method behind the scripts.


This will help you dig in much deeper to the psychology of copywriting!


Bonus 2 is a group of share funnels to load into your ClickFunnels account!


Incentive 3 is a very valuable handout that tells you which scripts to make use of for different funnels. There are web links that take you right to the scripts for each phase in the funnel building procedure.


Funnel Scripts Training

Russell Brunson Nitroflare

Just when you think that copywriting doesn’t get any kind of simpler than it is now, many thanks to Funnel Scripts– out comes the training that is included with your copy! Funnel Scripts allows you enroll in live member training besides their wide choice of training video clips.



This section is where you will find timetables of trainings. You can likewise register for Funnel Scripts Training here.


Past Funnel Scripts Training

This section is where you will certainly find formerly held trainings. Below you’ll discover a gold mine of training videos that will aid you to make it a whole lot much more easier to use the script writers. An amazing function in this section is that it permits you to download an MP4 file of these trainings.


Extended Script Demos

This section has all the demo video clips you will require for a detailed overview to making sure you get the most out of the script writers as well as create winning copies.


Funnel Fridays

Funnel Fridays is an online video talkshow happening every 11:00 AM EST. This live hangout talks about everything you need to understand including funnel building, funnel hacking, various kinds of funnels, brand-new ClickFunnels functions, new Funnel Scripts attributes, affiliate marketing, suggestions and also tricks as well as just about anything you require to make your funnels a success.

Russell Brunson Nitroflare


An additional fantastic aspect of Funnel Scripts is that you aren’t limited to just the script writers readily available. Funnel Scripts lets you recommend other types of scripts that aren’t found inside the tool yet. This attribute is fantastic given that advertising and marketing is always advancing. It’s ensuring to know that Funnel Scripts keeps their script writers updated.


Just how much does it cost?


Funnel Scripts comes with a cost of $497 annually. That sounds like a great deal of money however if you think about it it’s truly not. Let’s say you want to market an information product and also you need to develop a sales page.


Now you have two choices. You can either let a person write your sales copy or write it yourself. If you want your sales copy to be written by an expert you have to pay at least $1,000 per advertisement copy. The next problem is that you need to find a person who is really excellent at copywriting.


Finding a specialist can likewise take some time and also effort.


If you wish to write the ad copy yourself you need to spend a lot of time and effort in creating a high converting sales web page. And if you’re unsure exactly how to structure your sales web page you could lose a lot of money if you pay for traffic that does not convert.


As you can see, $497 is not that much if you have a closer look at it.


Go here to buy Funnel Scripts


That comes with a thirty day money-back warranty which is a pretty good deal.


Final thoughts


If you’re operating in the internet marketing space as well as you have to write a lot of advertisement copies like opt-in web pages, e-mails, webinar scripts, etc. I can truly advise using Funnel Scripts. It can save you a great deal of effort and time and you’ll be able to introduce new products much faster and also efficiently.


Visit this site to purchase Funnel Scripts

Thank you for reading my Funnel Scripts – Russell Brunson Nitroflare review.