Duplicate File Finder Portable – MacPaw’s Gemini 2 Review

Duplicate File Finder Portable – MacPaw’s Gemini 2 Review

Virtually every person has duplicate documents on their computer, whether they acknowledge it or otherwise. This is particularly problematic with Apple computers, where merely accidentally clicking “import all” on your phone will create hundreds or thousands of duplicate pictures.

If you do not have a great deal of space on your computer, MacPaw’s Gemini 2 can help you to find, categorize, as well as remove all of your duplicate files to free up space. This can be fantastic for saving space without you having to go through every file manually. Nonetheless, at $19.99, Gemini 2 costs enough to make you stop as well as think twice before grabbing it. Is it a good product? Does it function well? As well as is it worth the cash.


What Is MacPaw Gemini – Duplicate File Finder Portable?


Duplicate File Finder Portable

It’s an app established by MacPaw Inc. to discover duplicate files on a Mac computer. The primary value proposition of the app is that you can recover valuable disk space on your Mac by getting rid of the duplicates the app discovers. Right here are the major advantages of the application:


  • Checks one or a number of folders to find exact duplicates as well as comparable files.
  • Reveals to you a list of files that are safe for removal
  • Trashes duplicates as well as comparable documents you pick.

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Is Gemini 2 Safe to Use?


Yes, it is. A check utilizing Bitdefender as well as Drive Genius discovered that Gemini was devoid of any virus or malicious procedures. 


In regards to operation security, the duplicate finder application is additionally safe and secure to use as it has a number of features that avoid individuals from unintentionally removing important documents. Initially, it only trashes files once you click the “Remove” button. That means you can constantly place those documents back. Gemini likewise shows reminders and warnings for key actions, e.g. selecting the last duplicate, removing documents, etc

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Is Gemini 2 Free?


No, it is not. It does have a trial version that is cost-free to download and install and also run on a Mac, but it has one significant constraint: it just enables you to remove approximately 500MB duplicate files. When you go beyond the document size limitation, you’ll have to obtain an activation code to unlock the complete version.


If you’re utilizing the trial, you’ll notice a yellow box “Unlock Full Version” on the upper-right of its main interface once you launch the application. When you trigger the app after buying a license, this yellow box will vanish.


Gemini 2 is the very best excellent duplicate finder that swiftly identifies the similar documents and also starts to remove it from your Mac promptly. It is perfect for discovering all duplicate documents in simply a couple of seconds. With the aid of the Smart Selection choice, you can double-click to reclaim drive space. You’ll additionally require another click to re-import the documents if you require it once again.


Gemini 2 will certainly clean up all the unwanted documents, photos, music, and docs in a smart way to make you really feel smarter by dealing with Mac smartly. It provides an opportunity to pick the duplicates for removal it, and in the next selection, it begins to clean.

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Functions Of Gemini 2


Gemini 2 is the smart duplicate file finder that smartly wipes out the copy from your Mac quickly. It checks the entire disk quickly like a lightfast and reveals the checklist of files to eliminate or to save again.


It will certainly work smarter to do all on your behalf to readily identify the comparable documents and docs to delete and restore free space.


It reveals the list of various files that look comparable, so you can delete if you do not need it.


This advanced tool flawlessly fits your Mac for ease of use andand free up all the space occupied by unwanted files.


The Gemini algorithm remembers what you deleted as well as what you picked to forget.


It makes things more simple because it’s an exceptional duplicate finder.

Gemini permits you to move a duplicate to the trash bin and also get it back with a click.


If you wish to remove a copy on your Mac, you are sure to get rid of the duplicate.

If you want certain duplicates to not be deleted, keep them concealed in a remote folder where it will await your use.

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The Drawbacks


Gemini 2 is a very useful app. However like all apps, it includes a few disadvantages. The largest of these (and also maybe the only one) is that the app uses up a large amount of CPU capacity. When Gemini 2 is checking your documents, CPU usage can soar to 80 percent or even more. So you will not be able to do a lot while the check is running. Apart from this, the application itself does not take up much space or processing power.


On a small note, the Gemini 2 isn’t readily available absolutely free. You can utilize a trial version as described above. To utilize the full version of the application, you will certainly need to pay about $20. Nevertheless, if you purchase Gemini 2 with an app suite like Setapp, it’ll be extra advantageous as the Setapp suite consists of loads of applications to improve the performance and effectiveness of Macs. The total cost is around $9.99 a month, so you obtain a great deal more value for cash.


Gemini 2 Pricing

To use the full properties of the app to erase duplicate files and their data, you’ll need to purchase a serial key to activate the full version as well as access all of Gemini’s features. A serial key with a single user license will certainly cost you $19.95. A single user suggests that you can trigger the app on a single Mac only. Subsequently, a 2 Macs license will cost approximately $29.95, as well as a license for 5 Macs all the way to $44.95. With such a premium rate Gemini 2 is a hard sell, especially considering that you will not be using this everyday and only running a periodic scan each month or 2.



Being a wonderful duplicate cleaner, Gemini 2 is among the top picks to manage all duplicate associated problems, that is, if you can validate paying a price for a single-purpose application. It comes in a sleek design, includes an intuitive interface and also provides reliable service – everything you could ask from a duplicate cleaning application.

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